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Hello world!

Hello all!

First, please allow me to thank you for visiting. Second, allow me to inform you of what you have visited. This is a “Lifestyle” blog dedicated to helping men understand, embody, and personify classic style and elegant living.

The genesis of this idea is found in the many conversations I’ve had, questions asked of me, and compliments received (from both males and females) regarding my attire, my love of style (not fashion), and my manner of dress. For several years now I have enjoyed sharing with men of all ages the lessons I have learned from my many years of admiring and studying classic style and all things elegant. In short, personifying timeless elegance in all aspects of my life is my goal.

While I do not believe I have yet achieved my goal, I am enjoying every single moment of my quest. In many ways the journey has proven to be enjoyable in and of itself. While I understand that the destination may never be reached, there is, I believe, a nobility in the pursuit.

It is my sincere hope to be of service to any man who desires to embark on a similar journey. Let us enjoy this journey together, my friends. With that said, I leave you with what has become my personal motto: Stay Classy.


Jason Mitchell